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​​Women's Day Celebration 2019

A very special thank you to Black Belt magazine for featuring me in two issues this year, I am honored by your support for my work and my voice as a woman of the martial arts.

The country’s most experienced bladesmiths, martial artists and knife experts slice, stab and chop their way through a blade-shattering gauntlet!

The Martial Arts Studies Conference, Chapman University

This Friday, July 10th at 9:15pm, please join me (Lady Sensei) and Brother Warrington Hudlin, Kyoshi (Director of 'Boomerang', 'House Party' and many others) as we co-host this film under RZA's (Wu Tang Clan) new live stream service called 36 Cinema!

The Women's Martial Arts Network is proud to co-partner with platforms like RZA's 36 Cinema for supporting and presenting strong female images in the martial arts. 36 Cinema provides an opportunity to help highlight and celebrate all warrior sisters, the contributions of Veronica Ngo and to encourage and inspire future action Sheroes on the big screen.

'Furie' is packed with fresh fast-moving action storyline that shows the solid but seldom seen, Vietnamese self-defense/combative arts and slick improvisational weaponry. It is the highest-grossing film in Vietnam's history, and features a badass technician like Veronica Ngo. You'll find out why she's one of the martial arts best-kept secrets!

Join me and my co-host Brother Warrington Hudlin (Kyoshi) and special guest Brother Mustafa Shaikh when we chop it up this Friday night! Please get your tickets early, we expect to sell out!

 2019 Urban Action Showcase & Expo

​​​​                                    Becoming: An Intimate Conversation With (Mrs.) Michelle Obama

                   History Channel

                      Knife or Death

                              Season 2 Episode 4

                               "American Choppers"

    June/July 2020

A dream come true: Lady Sensei takes a "Power Shot" with Mrs. Obama at The Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York

Women's Day Celebration 2020

The Women's Network Members Honored 
Brooklyn Borough President's Office

Lady Sensei

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History Channel

Forged In Fire​:  Bladesgiving

The International Circle of Masters 40th Anniversary Gala

"Women's Only Seminars": 10:00am - 4pm Ladies this is a day designed with you in mind! A Day with Mind Body and Spirit, activities for women of all ages and abilities, health and wellness seminars with special guests: ChungSaNim Betty Sze; Grandmaster Abbey Wilson; Hanshi Tanya Jones; Maggie Cole Messina; Sensei Lakisha Kiki Wolfe-Medina; Sensei Maria DeAngelis Campanella ; Grandmaster Pat Williams; Grandmaster Mari V. Armistead; Grandmaster Hamidah Gadsden; and others! Tickets at: https://www.ladysenseiwomensnetwork.com/

​​New York City's  "Lady Sensei"  from the Republic of Brooklyn will be featured on the exciting new bladesport competition on Season 2 Episode 4 of the hit show,  "Knife Or Death"  She will be the only woman on this episode which is titled, "American Choppers" starring hosts Bill Goldberg , Tu Lam and Travis Wuertz. Tune in to see her wield her live blade skills! Don't miss her national bladesport debut.  Check your local listing for the History Channel on the A&E Network .

​​​​​Martial Arts History Hall of Fame Awards

Women's Martial Arts Network Inaugural

Museum of the Moving Image

The Women's

Martial Arts Network

Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary


Please click on the Women's Network page tab above for more information and Facebook Live Feed access for "Women With Blades" panel discussion at 2pm today thanks!

Make sure you see her when the tour comes to your town; get your tickets early or you will miss HISTORY! (HERstory!)  We are all works in progress, we are all still "Becoming". ​

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Self Defense: The Women's Network At Mark Morris Dance Center

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Lady Sensei New York

​​​Urban Action Showcase and Expo 2019

    October/November 2020