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Nubian Rootz Cultural Center

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Prior to her career in  behavioral health and the self defense industry, Lady Sensei, also known as Sister Gerry Chisolm, had a significant impact on her community of Charlotte. As the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Nubian Rootz Cultural Center of Charlotte, she played a crucial role in establishing the city's flagship institution for traditional African culture and education. Together with the late Kalonji Marvin Bartee. Chisolm worked as an educational consultant, designing cultural programs and conducted diversity training for various corporate, civic, and community organizations in the Metro Carolinas region, including the Afro American Cultural Center,  BellSouth, Bank of America, and Wachovia.


Through Nubian Rootz, Chisolm collaborated with agencies and institutions to enhance African American initiatives, such as the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department, the Charlotte Housing Authority, the Mecklenburg County Health Department, and the Arts and Sciences Council. This grassroots connectivity not only made her a sought-after media guest and consultant on cultural, community, and educational matters but also solidified her reputation as an influential figure in the community. Chisolm attributes her career in activism to the late Sarah Stevenson, who mentored her and provided opportunities to represent various organizations. Stevenson's guidance and support allowed Chisolm to gain valuable knowledge about history and the contributions of remarkable women. Chisolm expresses her gratitude and hopes that Stevenson would be proud of her accomplishments.


Recognized for her outstanding contributions, Chisolm has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Mecklenburg County Seal. She was also selected as a finalist for the William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations by the Wildacres Leadership Initiative. Chisolm actively served on the Mecklenburg County Community Relations Education Committee and held positions on several boards, such as the Charlotte World Affairs Council. However, Chisolm's proudest achievement is her activism, which led to the establishment of the Mecklenburg HIV Disease Taskforce in 2003 by the Mecklenburg County Commissioners. This initiative was followed by further progress in addressing the issue of HIV in the community.  Chisolm hopes that her work inspires  young women as she was inspired to action by Sarah Stevenson. Ase'.

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Nubian Rootz Community At a Glance

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Nubian Rootz Gallery